Add A Room, Or Add An Entire Floor! We Can Do It All!

Remodeling a home is a huge undertaking. As your partners we can ensure that your well-planned home additions result in a beautiful new room—significantly boosting your home’s value in the process!

Here at Yand C Construction we maximize your investment by selecting the right materials and processes for room addition, and garage conversion jobs. A professional home addition ensures more space by building up on your existing home design. Whether you are adding an entire second story, converting the garage to a standalone living space, or simply an extra room for your hobbies etc., talk to our contractors for inspiring ideas for your own home addition project.

We can make the entire process a guaranteed success straight from the start with our expert advice and hands-on experience in Los Angeles County. From a wealth of design styles to in-depth information of building regulations, our contractors and technicians are equipped with the right knowledge to ensure your complete satisfaction.

It is important for modern homeowners to realize that home addition and garage conversion is a major construction project that may involve creating an entirely new building structure to integrate with the rest of the home. We can help you decide whether you should build up or build out, when adding a new room to your home. As a matter of fact, our professionals are licensed and insured for your complete peace of mind.

Give us a call today to learn more about our processes and products. We offer the most competitive prices in the Southern Los Angeles area and we’d love to discuss your home addition needs.

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